Fuel System-Tank Access

I have a 97 Fortier 26 and believe there is foreign matter that is clogging the port side fuel pick up.  After gaining access to the tank at the stern of the boat, I removed the fuel line to be sure nothing was in the line.  On the top of the tank, there is a stainless steel fitting that is screwed into a bronze fitting on top of the tank.  I believe the pick up tube is part of thsi assembly.  I tried with no success to remove the stainless fitting believing I would have access to the pick up tube.  As an alternative, I was able to insert a wire through the pick up tube and ream out the tube.  This dislodged the obstruction but is not a permanent solution since the obstruction is still in the tank and may get lodged in the pick up tube again.
Has anyone found a way to gain access to the pick up tube without doing damage to the tank?  The staninless fitting seems to be bonded to the bronze.  Any ideas how to remove the SS without damaging the top of the tank.  Other ideas regarding solutions to removing the pick up tube and obstructions in the tank would be welcome.

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