Love my Fortier

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Elliot B. Siegel
Last seen: 5 years 38 weeks ago
Boat: fortier 33
Joined: 11/04/2009
Home Port: huntington , New York
Country: usa

I have been a boater for over 45 years . Starting with a 14ft Luger kit boat  built with my father in the garage , powered by a 7.5hp Evinrude . I have owned a series of Formula's 26' to 40ft . At 60 years of age I decided to buy a  "REAL" boat . For the past 3 years I am the PROUD owner of a Fortier 33 ' My family calls her my MISTRESS ! Kathy and I have cruised from New Jersey to Nantucket , and up the Hudson. We have been in some 8 to 10 foot curious sea's but were always safe in our Fortier . I feel as if we are an extended member of the Fortier family . And am proud to be a distant "cousin"

Elliot B. Siegel

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