Fuel Tank Strategy on 26'


We currently draw and return to one tank at a time.  Previously we used both tanks simultanously - based on the advice of our very knowledgable diesel mechanic.  On two occassions, we drew air when the boat had been operating with a list due to sea conditions and the tanks were less than half full and became imbalanced.  Luckily, the engine didn't stall until we were at headway speed heading back to the dock...at cruising speed, there had been enough fuel to feed both port and starboard pickup tubes.
The silver lining is that I have gotten very good at priming the fuel system!  Just to eliminate other possible causes, we have changed all of the Aeroquip hoses and installed a new Racor water separator  - part of the comprehensive renewal of the boat that we have in progress.  Curious to see how others deal with this issue...
Wonderful Life (nee Sheldrake) was purchased from the estate of the prior owner, so we did not have the benefit of transferring his many years of knowledge running the boat.  In speaking with the PO's wife, she told me that they took the boat as far as NYC and downeast Maine from their homeport of Falmouth, MA.  I hope to get the boat back to both places when my life gets simpler.  The also regularly transited Woods Hole Passage at night - not something I aspire to do anytime soon!

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